It's A Journey

The reality is it's not about an overnight solution, some magic formula that makes it happen instantly. t's about a journey. A path winds through a park filled with autumn foliage.It's been a little over a year since I created this website and began blogging here. Some of you have been on here since the beginning; some of you have just recently found me.

Many of you are wondering why it hasn't happened for you yet, and how long it will take.

The reality is it's not about an overnight solution, some magic formula that makes it happen instantly.

It's about a journey.

A real life journey deep into the inner parts of ourselves that we may not have even known existed. It's peeling away the layers of ourselves, our lives, our experiences, our programming, until we discover that we are not any of those, individually, but all of them.

We are our true selves; our beautiful, radiant, confident full selves with so much love to give, so much to offer, and no reason whatsoever to sell ourselves short and settle for anything less than a full rich relationship with so much to offer in return.

It's about support, about love, about not settling for anything less than you deserve. And knowing what you do deserve in the first place.

That's what this is about.

Not an overnight magical solution. A journey filled with support, and love, and care for you for your heart and soul. Someone here for you along the way to remind you of all that you have, all that you are, and all that you have to offer.

Someone here to remind you of what it takes and why it's worth it. And someone who understands like so few do who haven't been there for themselves firsthand. Someone you can pour out your soul to without being afraid of what they will think of you. Someone who loves you just for who you are.

Until we can celebrate together when you too look back on this journey and see what it all has meant. To see the beauty in you and the life you've created for yourself.

Celebrate you.

To celebrate you and what you have attracted because you've made the choice along the way to celebrate your whole you, complete with those flaws and shortcomings you're learning to embrace and love because they are a part of you. And finding out they aren't flaws and shortcomings after all.

Because this isn't about what’s wrong with you; it's about learning who you really are, figuring out what you're all about it and finding and embracing the real you. Because it's when we find our true selves and embrace and love that person of you that we open up the universe to attract the same back to us, to reflect back to us that love in the form of a special someone who's been looking for someone just like us on his own journey.

It's not about fitting a mold of what we think someone is looking for. It's about finding ourselves and then attracting that special person who's looking for someone exactly like us, just like our true self has been looking for someone exactly like him. Even if it takes a lot longer than you thought it would.

When you look back from the other side, you'll realize that the journey was necessary, all of it, with all of the twists and turns.

And then it will all make sense.


  1. Vicki says

    Just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog & look forward to reading it. It seems you always have a profound nugget of advice or wisdom that applies to me & what I need to hear with every post. For me it has much less to do with finding a good relationship. and more like having a counselor & guide to lead the way to happiness. & achieve my goals & ideal life. Best blog ever. Thank you - you've made a huge positive impact on my life.

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