Finding Your Best Self

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We hear it all the time: be your best self!  But what does that really mean?  How do we be our best selves?  We may spend a small fortune on a new wardrobe of all of the latest trendy styles, buy a membership to the best fitness club, or get a sporty new car.  But we still feel the same.  We might have changed some things but we don’t feel any different.  We’re still our same old selves. So why don’t we feel any different?  Because that’s not what it’s about.

Find yourself.

Being your best self begins with being yourself. Then it's about taking that self that you've discovered and becoming your best self.  It’s all about bringing out the best you, and believe me, you have a spectacular you.  Of course, since you are a unique snowflake, what that looks like for you isn’t going to be the same as what it looks like for everyone.  It’s not about a one-size fits all prescription.  It’s about you.

Be true to yourself.

It begins by asking yourself some questions.  What makes you feel good about yourself?  Is there something you do, some activity you engage in, something you listen to, some place you go, something you wear – that makes you feel your best?  A whole new set of clothes that were picked right out of the latest fashion magazine may not have the same effect as that favorite pair of jeans you wear that fit you just right and make you feel beautiful.

That class or course you take and complete may give you that extra boost of confidence that you really can do anything you set your mind to.  Taking that dance class you always wanted to take, learning to play guitar or paint, getting on (and staying on) that exercise program, taking that trip you've been wanting to take, getting a make-over – the list of things to do to bring out your best self is endless.

Believe in yourself.

And that’s the point.  Shift the focus to you, take a closer look at what makes you feel your best, and with a little imagination and resolve you can discover that self that has always been there just waiting to be released to spread her wings and fly.

Because when you feel your best, when you feel that kind of confidence that comes from within you, you radiate a confidence and attractiveness that comes through as the authentic, real, beautiful you.  That’s you. That’s your own best self!

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