Radiant, Confident, Beautiful YOU! Part 2

I’m guessing you might be wondering just how we get to that place where you actually feel radiant, confident and beautiful.  It begins by asking yourself some basic questions that you may not have thought about before.  Like what do you like to do?  I mean, what do you really like to do.  Not what you do because you think a guy will like you if you like to do it.  What would you choose to do with your time if there were no men in the world?

Sometimes it helps to think about what you don’t think you can do or have been told you can’t do.  Especially what you’ve been told you can’t do.  It’s in finding that out - in breaking through the barriers of what you’ve been told you are and who you’ve been told you are that you’re going to get to the other side where you can wake up and finally catch a glimpse of who you really are.  You’re not who they think you are and you’re probably not even who you think you are at this point.  You’re so much more than that!  But you’ll never know until you start.

Push past those limiting stereotypes of yourself and find out who you really are.  Write down everything you would like to do.  Everything.  And keep writing.  Sky dive?  Act?  Play piano?  The sky’s the limit.  Actually, that’s not even the limit (did I hear “become an astronaut”?).  Because I’ll bet there’s a whole lot of things out there just waiting for you to do that you never even knew you could do.  I don’t know what yours is, but I know there’s something you’ve never pushed through to see if you can do it, and if you actually enjoy doing it (or not).  Because we never know until we try.  I decided I wanted to act.  Or model.  I had acted in school plays and musicals when I was younger, and I remembered really enjoying that.  So I took a course, a couple of courses.  And I had a portfolio made up.  And I landed a few spots as an extra in some television shows.  And I had a lot of fun.  But I found out I wasn’t really into it, so I just took that as another experience and went on to the next thing.  And I tried ice skating.  Like a lot of little girls, I’d always wanted to be a professional ice skater or gymnast when I was little, but I was never allowed to take lessons (long story for another time).  So I did what any other girl would do who’d been denied that chance when she was younger, I took up lessons as an adult.  It was me and a bunch of young kids.  But I found out I absolutely love ice skating.

Do you get what I’m saying here?  You can’t know yourself if you don’t ask yourself what interests you and then pursue it to find out what it is.  Because when you don’t have all of this waiting, this hoping and hanging around, playing the role of the perfect girlfriend, waiting to be the chosen one, to be the one for him, you’ll find you’ve actually got a lot of time to discover who you really are.  Maybe it’s a career change.  Maybe it’s time to go back to school and get the degree you were always talking about (or at least take that pottery course you’ve been thinking about).  Maybe it’s time to buy that piano and take some lessons.  Or maybe it’s time to get your passport in order and do some traveling to some places that you’ve always wanted to visit.  Trust yourself.  You’ll know what it’s time for.  You’ll know what you want to do if you start asking yourself and paying some attention to yourself for once.  Because I know it’s easy to pay attention to the things that matter to him.  Like how you look, how you act, what you do for him.  The stuff that’s all about him that you do because of him, for him, because he likes it, because it’s been all about him for far too long and you don’t even know you have a you anymore.  With your own likes and dislikes.  With your own preferences and aversions.  With your own ideas and thoughts.  That’s you.

Radiant, confident, beautiful YOU!

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