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Becoming Unlost

A beautiful woman is walking on the beach trying to become unlost.
You never thought you’d feel this lost.


When it’s over. When the reality that this new place is worse than you thought it would be. When you long for the old reality that at least you knew.

How else to describe it except for one word … Lost

No matter whether you were prepared or not, can you ever really be prepared?Continue Reading

Is There a Chance He'll Want to Become Serious After Awhile And "Come Back"?

Profile of a beautiful woman wondering if her guy will ever want a committed relationship.
Is there a chance, or am I just wasting my time?

Our beautiful friend, Eve, is dating a guy that has told her he doesn't want a commitment, and she's wondering what to do next.

Here's her story:

Dear Jane,

First and for all, thank you for all the good advice and real life stories. I have learned a lot from them.

My story is similar to some I already read, although I feel there is a nuance which makes me still doubt my situation.

The end of March, I met a guy through mutual interests (we were both playing Music at the same event) and after adding me on facebook, we quickly started chatting and he asked me on a date in the same week.

The date was incredible; he was thoughtful, funny, humble, intelligent and very handsome. He kissed me during the date and after a little while, asked if he could come back home with me. I wasn't planning on doing that, but for some reason, I went along with it.Continue Reading

4 Habits to Bring You Closer to Love

A beautiful woman smiling in a park.
Smile - it makes you feel better (and more attractive) instantly!

You say you're done.

You say you're ready to find the love you've been searching for your whole life.

But do you really mean it?

It's time to start living like you mean what you say. No more excuses, no more putting your love life on hold while the days slip away.

Yes, it's going to require some work on your part. But this is one where you set the pace. How quickly you want this to happen for you is completely up to you. Continue Reading

I'm Acting Desperate and I Can't Seem to Stop Myself!

A beautiful woman sitting in a field feeling desperate about her boyfriend.
Why do I feel so desperate? How do I stop this?

Our beautiful friend, Ally, has been burned recently in her online dating life, and now wonders if she can trust her new guy.

Here's her story:

Hi Jane,

I've been reading your blog and watching your videos with interest. You seem like such a kind woman and the advice you give really does make sense to me.

It's just so hard to follow. The willpower needed is extraordinary.

I recently split up with my boyfriend of 12 years. It was my decision. He wasn't abusive or unkind. We just grew apart. Something wasn't right. We didn't want the same things in life.

I've since started online dating.Continue Reading

But I Love Him

A beautiful woman sits on a beach thinking about her absentee boyfriend, wondering why she loves him so much.
But that feeling is so strong!

What's to love?

What really is so loveable about him?

Is it the way he treats you?

Is it because he behaves so lovingly towards you?

Or is it instead, because of the feeling you have when you're with him?

In that short time span, it feels like you've found everything you've ever wanted in a guy. The way he makes you feel. The excitement he brings to your life, your world, just by being with him. But is it really about him at all, or simply the feeling that you get from being around him because of everything you believe to be true about love, but what in reality, isn't about love, but about trying to make someone love you?Continue Reading

Daddy's Little Girl

A little girl holds her father's hand while at the beach.You're a little girl again.

He's coming in the door after work. You run as fast as your tiny legs can carry you to meet him. He catches you in his arms, picks you up and swings you around. You're daddy's girl; he adores you.

He comes over to your little play kitchen where you've made some special pretend cookies for just the two of you to share. He sits down at your little table and you pretend to eat them together.Continue Reading

The Real Story Behind Why You're STILL Chasing Him

A beautiful woman is on the phone flirting with a guy she is chasing.
Why are you the only one?

Why do we do the chasing at all? Why are we still chasing him? Why can't we seem to stop, no matter how much we know we should?

Because we're scared.

If we don't chase him, we're scared he won't chase us. And then at least this way, we can feel in control, like we're actually doing something.

But there's a problem with this kind of thinking. Because when we do this, we don't allow him to do what he's biologically programmed to do (what he actually wants to do) – chase you!

We miss this part because of our own fear. We don't give him a chance to chase us because we're not sure he will.Continue Reading

The Disappearing Boyfriend

A beautiful woman looks out over the beach, wondering why her boyfriend suddenly disappeared.
Things were going great, then he suddenly disappeared!

Our beautiful friend, Kaya, was in what she thought was a great relationship, only to have him completely disappear on her, claiming that she did something he's mad about (but won't tell her what it was).

Here's her story:

Hi Jane,

I must admit I love reading your posts. They are very informative, inspirational and helpful.

I was wondering if you could help me figure out a problem I am currently experiencing.

I met a guy few months ago and we started dating. Everything was great as we both wanted a mature, committed relationship and we both have similar life goals about the future. He officially called me his girlfriend and was planning to take me to his sister's wedding in July.

He made it clear how much he likes me and how much he enjoys his time with me. Every aspect of our relationship was amazing.

Last weekend after he went to work he never called me or texted me (he usually does) so I was a bit worried. After several days of failed attempts to contact him he finally texted me that he is mad at me but doesn't tell me why.Continue Reading